The World of Iphania

Iphania is a Fantasy Server in the game Minecraft. This Wiki is all about the planet Iphanos, its residents, cities and cultures.

The World is not finished yet, so things might be changed in the future.

The World (Universe) Edit


Geography Edit

The World of Iphania consists of two major Continents, [Kontinent1] and [Kontinent2].

[Kontinent1] is filled with snowy mountains that extend from the southern city Sorhaven up to the northern part past the glacier. In the East there are various forests next to the mountains, with a swampland in the South-East. The inhabitants of [Kontinent1] are mostly humans, but also trolls and dwarves. There are more smaller species that are listed under Geography of [Kontinent1].

[Kontinent2] has many pine forests and smaller mountain ranges in the North. In the South you can find lush rainforests and volcanoes. The middle of [Kontinent2] is filled with deciduous forests and smaller towns, a big main city, castles and shallow rivers. In [Kontinent2] there are more humans than in [Kontinent1] and there are also more smaller islands. You can find more under Geography of [Kontinent2].

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